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Edsecure gives the learners a break from the outdated classroom centered learning by facilitating technology with learning with the inclusion of free online tests. One of the biggest pluses of free online tests is that one can get immediate feedback and all these without paying anything as edsecure has whole bunch of Free Online Tests. Edsecure has an ever expanding and robust question series, which is spontaneously kept updated under diverse heads, such as Language & Grammar, Science, Literature, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Hindi, etc.

Edsecure also has the option of online tests. This option allows the learners to take regular tests from their homes, and what more, all the students of a grade get to take the test at the same time, thereby, creating a virtual classroom like ambience. The tests are all based on real-time assessments, which will help the learners to channelize their nervous energy positively After taking the tests, they are intensively evaluated and graded accordingly. Thus, it enables the learners to know of their strengths and weaknesses and in turn makes them aware of the areas they need to work upon.

And edsecure not only boasts of free online MCQ based tests. It also has the option of subjective type questions based online tests, where the learners can type their answers by logging into their Edsecure account and submit the answers. The answers are corrected by the teachers and they can be graded and there is also the option for the teachers to give their written feedback, thus enabling the learners to know their shortcomings if any and making them aware of wherein they have to put more effort. edsecure’s free online tests include questions to stimulate and sharpen the learner’s cognitive skills.

Presently with lot of sites on internet today, it is really hard to pick out the most apt combinations which cater to all the subject needs of the learners, but at Edsecure one can get help on all the topics, be it Mathematics, English or Hindi. Moreover, edsecure offers a very simplistic web design that is easily accessible to learners of all ages.