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Online Assignments and particularly online video assignments have become an important part of education. It is integrated as part of traditional courses, and with the advent of virtual classes, online assignments and online video assignments have become and are bound to become an integral part of the modern educational methodology.

Several researches have shown that technology does enhance learning and video, particularly is a highly effective educational tool. Herein comes edsecure as it is a platform for virtually bringing the students and teachers on the same plane. Edsecure is the link that bridges the gap created by virtual teaching, by enabling the real classroom like exchange of study materials as well as assessment with the inclusion of online assignments and online video assignments.

The online Video assignments on Edsecure include research intensive, collaborative and highly engaging student activities that allow the students to enjoy while learning in in fun-centric manner. The online video assignments are designed in such a way that the students get enough chance to demonstrate skills, knowledge and communication strategies. The teachers will be able to see and check the Online Video Assignments, thereby, to an extent come practically closer to their students, albeit virtually.

This will bring about a uniqueness and portability through modern technology into the concept of classroom-based learning, thereby, creating a unique mix of traditional learning with modern technology. Online assignments facilitates online learning by enabling the students and the learners to download the homework/assignments of different subjects from their homes and solve the same and upload them for getting them evaluated or graded by the teachers. This in turn will give the students an overview of their performance.

The online assignments as well as the online video assignments on edsecure are not just any assignment, they are well-crafted assignments. They are designed in such a way that will make learning and teaching more focused and relevant because factors like context, content, etc. are kept in mind while preparing the online assignments. The online video assignments are definitely the missing link in the efforts to make virtual learning more realistic and take it closer to classroom learning.