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Edsecure is a platform for virtually bringing the students and teachers on the same plane. Edsecure is the link that bridges the gap created by virtual teaching, by enabling the real classroom like exchange of study and test materials as well as assessment.

  • Edsecure Scholarship

    Edsecure encourages the meritorious by awarding them with attractive scholarships to pursue their dreams by exceling in academics.

  • Online Assignments

    It will facilitate online learning by enabling the students and the learners to download the homework/assignments of different subjects

  • Online Test

    Edsecure plans to publish books and study materials and other resources to enable the learners to delve into the world of knowledge.

  • Edsecure Magzine

    It is an attempt to give light to the creative side of the learners and also keep them updated with the latest developments in various academic domains.

  • General Knowledge Corner

    In todays’ Edsecure General Knowledge Corner is spontaneously updated with the latest happenings.


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Edsecure provides all-inclusive solution to all modern educational needs. Be real-time assessments or assignments, Edsecure is your one stop destination.

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Edsecure's unparalleled range of products and services can help transform a school to reach its full potential.

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Here students can do Homework and Assignments for their Class-Section, assigned by their school in an easy and user friendly way.

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Perfect guidelines will help you to submit your homework and assignments on time and put in your best effort for tests and exams.

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The Centre on 15/04/2020 released a list of 170 hotspot districts in the country. The list includes all six metros and most large cities. As per the list, 123 districts have been marked as “large outbreaks”, which includes all the nine districts of Delhi. Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru Urban, Chennai, Hyderabad, Agra and Jaipur are among the areas marked as hotspots on the list.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Online Home Work and Testing Programmes

ADMIN | MARCH 26, 2020

Edsecure facilitates online learning by enabling the students and the learners to download the homework/assignments of different subjects from their homes and solve the same and upload them for getting them evaluated or graded by the teachers. This in turn will give the students an overview of their performance. Edsecure also has the option of online tests. This option allows the students/learners to take regular tests from their homes, and what more, all the students of a particular grade get to take the test at the same time, thereby, creating a virtual classroom like ambience. The tests are all based on real-time assessments, thus, creating, let’s say, a unit test like atmosphere, which will help the students/learners to channelize their nervous energy positively After taking the tests, they are intensively evaluated and graded accordingly. Thus, it enables the students/learners to know of their strengths and weaknesses and in turn makes them aware of the areas they need to work upon.